Simone DeVito began Taekwondo at the age of 5 and began competing at age 6. She won her first Junior Olympics at age 11 as a red belt.   At 14 years old started competing simultaneously in the junior and adult black belt divisions to gain experience.  Simone made her first U.S. National Team at 17 the same weekend she won the U.S. Open in the Senior Division.  Since then she has made 5 U.S. National Teams and 2 World Cup teams.  

Simone has competing nationally and internationally for 20+ years in several countries including Germany, England, Ireland, France, Netherlands, China, Ivory Coast, Argentina, Columbia, Bolivia, and Canada. 

She has competed in 4 Olympic Team Trials and has won Gold and Bronze medals at Pan American Championships in 2008 and 2012. 

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"Most Amazing Martial Arts School! Really Passionate and experienced Staff!  We love our DeVito TaeKwonDo family.  I have four kids who started with Master DeVito over seven years ago.  All are now black belts.  My kids have gained confidence, athleticism, self- defense skills and most of all lifelong skills and friendships.  This is like no other place.   Your child will gain everything from balance, core strength, perseverance, discipline and motivation.  Come see - the staff and school will bring out the best in your child/yourself!"

- Sheila McGroary

5th Degree Black Belt
Certified Coach
Certified Referee


"Training in Taekwondo at Devito's Taekwondo with my twin boys has been one of the best experiences of my life.  To watch them, grow physically and emotionally under the incredible instruction of the DeVito's and share the experience of achieving black belt is something that we will never forget.  There are many places to study martial arts in Westchester, but the choice to study DeVito's is one of the best you will ever make and will change your life."

- Alan Watts